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DigitalDécor specializes in high quality sublimation printing textiles, suitable for products, advertising or promotion.  Our processes are waterless with minimal waste and are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Quick Change Fabric Framing System


Stylish Textile Display Systems

Welcome to the latest solution for internal signage and displays!  Beautiful, rich, vibrant high resolution printed graphic onto a fabric panel that is quickly and easily inserted and held taut into any one of  our U-FRAME-IT™ aluminium frames.


Designed and manufactured by DigitalDécor™ in New Zealand , U-FRAME-IT™ will give you with endless choices and huge flexibility for internal signage, visual merchandising and stylish aesthetics whilst delivering on economy and efficiency.

U-FRAME-IT Quick Change Fabric Framing System
Corners are quick and easy to assemble
Silicon tape is sewn onto the edge of the fabric

Corners are quick and easy to assemble

Silicon tape is sewn onto the edge of the fabric

U-FRAME-IT™ suspension loop

Hooks fit onto the profile

for suspension frames

Easy to install graphic panel

Graphic is replaced with frame mounted on the wall

Low profile foot for 
Free Standing System

Low profile foot for

Free Standing System

Edge is pushed into groove in the frame

Edge is pushed into groove in the frame

Timeless Aesthetic

Sleek Aluminium frame houses state a of the art Digital Dye-Sublimation Fabric panel, delivering your message to the world with impeccable clarity & simplicity.


User friendly

Simple to assemble.

Simple to hang.

Simple do it yourself image changes.


Custom sizing

Panels can be any size up to 2400 mm high by how ever wide you like.

For really wide check out the U-FRAME-IT™  Matrix System.


Quick Change Graphics

Once you have the   U-FRAME-IT™ hardware installed you can simply replace the fabric panel.

Swap panels with specially developed silicon fit system.  No messy adhesives and no staples.

Refresh seasonal material and re-use graphics at a later date.


Several mounting Options

Wall mounted, free standing or suspended


Environmentally Sustainable

Totally Recyclable extruded Aluminium frame.


Digital Dye Sublimation Print is environmentally friendly using water based inks and only printing the required area.


Recyclable paper is the main waste generated in the waterless printing process


Cost effective

Can be sent as a  convenient flat pack, meaning easy cost effective shipping.


Replacement panels fit in standard courier packs.

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