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DigitalDécor specializes in high quality sublimation printing textiles, suitable for products, advertising or promotion.  Our processes are waterless with minimal waste and are environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Art Gallery featuring Schist dry stone wallpaper

Bespoke Textured Wallpaper

More designers are turning to the use of custom prints with textures and dramatic room elements to set apart their design from everyday life. People are building new, expensive homes using new building techniques to add texture to walls, ceilings and glass, and commercial designers are picking up on the latest trends as well.


DigitalDecor™ Colorati™ textured wall coverings offer a high quality, easy alternative to create dramatic effects.


Custom printed wall coverings allow you to create truly dramatic murals to bring cohesion and style to your business, retail or home or any interior space.


Custom printed wallpaper can be used to personalise and design a space to create unique visual impact in retail, office, commercial or domestic environment and to bring together an overall aesthetic

Bespoke Textured Wallpaper print


We use textures to accentuate the printed pattern or mural. We offer our Bespoke Textured wallpaper in 4 textures. Plaster, Canvas, Sandstone and Schist.


No matter what theme you are trying to create, we can advise you as to the best texture. One of our most popular designs has is the Schist dry stone wall. From a few metres it looks like the real thing, and can change the warmth of the room.


We have done many and varying prints from feature

wall murals of rural , coastal, forest and sunset

views, Also antique prints, brocade prints and

children's rooms fun prints. We even printed one

for a deer farmer of his favourite stag which had

recently passed away.


Bespoke Textured wallpaper we print are as

durable as wallpaper bought from the  decorating

store .


It is fire rated, luxurious and adheres to the wall

using conventional  heavy duty DIY wallpaper

adhesive paste.


Fade resistant and surface washable, it is both durable

and functional.


Bespoke Textured Wallpaper is 1350mm wide, and is suitable for commercial installations.  You can provide your own images but they need to be in large files to get the best quality. For patterns we require vector images, which can be

scaled to larger sizes.

Bespoke Textured Wallpaper print
Schist dry stone wall

Schist dry stone wall

Bespoke Textured Wallpaper customer prints