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DigitalD├ęcor specializes in high quality sublimation printing textiles, suitable for products, advertising or promotion.  Our processes are waterless with minimal waste and are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Fine & Canvas ArtDecor

DigitalDecor Colorati Fine Art and Canvas prints

   Custom printed stretched canvas, fine art prints and our U-Frame-It fabric tension system can give any interior space, whether commercial, retail or your home, a bespoke art gallery look. But without the high art gallery price tag.


You can supply your own photograph or artwork even vintage artwork or choose something from the   online gallery. Even if you want an art piece for exterior use talk to us and we will be able to offer a solution.


   We offer several types of substrates for printing ArtDecor, which fall into 3 main categories;  Stretched canvas, fine art and tensioned fabric.

   Canvas and fine art substrates and inks are archival, designed to last 100 years. Tensioned fabric is a more short term solution using dyes which are not archival and will not last as long.  Exposure to direct sunlight will damage all prints over time.





















 The canvas we use is quite textured and with the rich deep colours of our Eco inks, all prints including photographs give a hint of "oil-painting nuance". Using Eco inks can give much richer more intense colour than the canvas printed using water based inks, which are the most common. The Eco friendly prints are also more durable, as they are waterproof, and don't require a lacquer finish to increase the intensity of the colours, like water based prints. Having said that we coat all our canvas prints with a water based epoxy for extra durability.


The printed canvas art work can then be framed conventionally or stretchers can be used.

If the prints are to be stretched some of the print will go around the sides and the back of the stretcher.


 Fine Art Prints


   For the purist photographers who prefer the "fine art" look we can print on satin photo paper which is a smoother finer texture, and will give more detail. It is important to remember that file for fine art paper need to be a minimum of 240 ppi at 100% the size of the print to achieve all the detail. If you want a image larger then the file you have canvas is a better choice as even low resolution files often look OK when printed.


   Fine art paper can be framed or block mounted. We don't do traditional framing here, but we can block mount prints. Contact us if that's what you are after.




















   Our U-FRAME-IT fabric tension system is a stylish, modern, unobtrusive framing system which is designed so images can be quickly changed. Once you have your frame a new image can be installed in a couple of minutes. The prints are done a knit fabric which gives bright vibrant colours and has a matt finish. These are not printed with Eco inks, but using the dye sublimation process.


   The U-FRAME-IT fabric tension system is very cost effective, particularly for large pieces of art or photographs.  Stretched canvas and fine art prints are rarely much larger than 1000mm x 1500mm. We can print U-FRAME-IT  prints 2400mm x as long as you want.


Other use for your artwork or photographs

 Your artwork can also be printed onto fabrics, so it can be used for wall hangings, on curtains or drapes, table cloths, cushions, duvet covers, pillow covers, in fact anything that can be made from fabric.



Printed canvases for

 Wall mounted U-FRAME-IT,  photograph of Upper Hutt  by Keith Bennett

U-FRAME-IT tensioned fabric print by Keith Bennet,